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It tells us why so many people are unfulfilled.

It then gives advice on how to find that. The author gives readers some of the deepest questions I have ever read. These questions should help steer readers to a path of most fulfillment.

The Secret to Authentic Success

Jul 02, Anabelle Bernard Fournier rated it it was amazing Shelves: Another wonderful book by Robert Holden. But these ideas are so important that they bear repeating, and so I don't think that reading this along with other works by Holden is in any way a waste of time.

In fact, I think I got more out of this one because I had read it already, because his approach to success is very much based on his ideas about happiness. Basically, happy people are more naturally succ Another wonderful book by Robert Holden. Basically, happy people are more naturally successful. It's filled with exercises and tips on how to find what success really means to you, and then taking action.

It forces you to look at your fears and at your deeply conditioned thoughts and beliefs about success and all its related elements.

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A book, by itself, will never change your life, just like money by itself cannot make you happy. So unless you're willing to sit down with yourself and do the work, you probably won't reap all the benefits that this book can provide. This book was well-structured, with tons of examples from a variety of sources like clients, seminars and other writers including other psychologists, novelists, poets and philosophers.

But, most of all, it's Holden's own deep belief in what he preaches that convinces me. You can feel his commitment to his subject through every word, and he doesn't seem like the hypocritical "do as I say, not as I do" type. One chapter that especially touched me was the one about Money Sickness.

I was on the edge of tears throughout. But if you want to know what he says about it I think that it should be read with an open mind and a desire to become a better person. May 12, Rubina rated it liked it Shelves: Another good read from Dr Holden. Authentic Success examines how to experience success that is more authentic and meaningful.

It is especially relevant in our current maniac society, where we are perpetually chasing one goal after another, filling up our schedules with activities, as a result often loosing touch with what's really meaningful to us, and "feeling empty" instead. Kelly Ekwurzel rated it it was amazing Jan 01, Jeanine Joy rated it it was amazing Mar 27, The Big Leap Gay Hendricks.

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The need for High Quality Relationships in order to feel truly successful

The Jersey Peter Bills. There are essentially 6 steps you can remind yourself of on a daily basis as you begin to make this a habit. I have included the chart above that is meant to give you some simple rules to follow to help you maximize your talents and minimize your non-talents. I recommend you print this out as well and become very familiar with it, because it can provide you with some very simple insights into how to change your approach in what you do. Your email address will not be published.