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Neighborhood Housing Services - The Neighborhood Housing Services of Los Angeles County NHS serves as a catalyst for local residents, business and government representatives to work together to build stronger neighborhoods, improve the quality of life for low to moderate income families of modest means and to revitalize communities into neighborhoods of choice. This web-based service, supported by a toll-free call center, provides information for the general public as well as for housing professionals seeking vital resources for their clients.

Eviction of Nonpayment of Rent - This booklet contains general information for tenants who lost or are about to lose their homes due to loss of income.

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The West Hollywood rent stabilization regulations include information on the hearings process, net operating income request process, and many other rent stabilization processes. The Fair Employment and Housing Act prohibits discrimination in all aspects of housing rental, lease, terms and conditions, etc.

Protected Classes

Familial status is defined as having one or more individuals under 18 years of age who reside with a parent or with another person with care and legal custody of that individual including foster parents or with a designee of that parent or other person with legal custody. Familial status also includes a pregnant woman or a person who is in the process of adopting or otherwise securing legal custody of any individual under 18 years of age.

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Housing that meets the legal definition of senior housing or housing for older persons is exempt from the familial status provisions of the Fair Employment and Housing Act. This means that such housing can legally discriminate against families with children. There are three categories of housing that meet this definition:.

People who believe they have experienced housing discrimination may file a DFEH complaint. All states require a variety of forms to rent an apartment to a tenant and Alabama is no exception.

Rental Laws and Regulations in California

Looking for landlord tenant laws outside of California? The American Apartment Owners Association offers helpful landlord tenant laws for all 50 states. Click on any of the states listed below and go directly to its landlord tenant law page.